Saturday, June 9, 2007

June 8 - The Fearless Artist

The instability of the weather has become one of Carlito's biggest challenges. In a span of ten minutes, we watched a hot sunny day turn into one great big black cloud, followed by thunder, lightening and then the storm.

The highlight of today was when a friend showed up on site with the Toronto Star. On page E8 is a fabulous picture of Carlito and the painting. This made the artist very happy. "I think it is amazing and I am really excited." Knowing that word about the artist and this project is getting out there whatever the medium, is a wonderful thing.

What is very impressive is the resilience of everyone and regardless of the weather, the painting seems protected and continues to hang without incident.
Despite the obstacles, individual teams manning the terrace are in great spirits as they prepare for the final day including an official unveiling and signing.

As they say, it is not over until the fat lady sings!

June 8 - Messages to Carlito

I can hardly wait to get to Toronto and see the artist in action. What a wonderful idea!
-Andrew McNally (Montreal, QC)

Go Carlito Go!
Paul Osten

June 8 - Celebrity Sighting

Eva Avila (Canadian Idol Winner) was seen at Maybelline/Redken events at the Distillery District's Fermenting Cellar.

Friday, June 8, 2007

June 7- You Should Have Been There

Today was the kind of day we dream about for this event and its intent and purpose. A relaxed vibe, the people on the Oasis made it known that there was no other place they would rather be.

Appropriately enough, the music followed suit with songs like, Maria Carey’s “We belong together” playing in the background. It was a day inspired by the beauty of Carlito’s painting, and people felt special just to be in the presence of an amazing piece of work while hanging out with other cool folks.

The L’Oréal team of hair and make-up artists worked non-stop keeping the guests of the Oasis looking beautiful with free sessions. All the while, the artist worked comfortably on the scaffolding for what seemed like record hours of painting.

Carlito is in great spirits and focused on bringing his painting to life with every passing day. Feeling inspired, he took the time to sketch personalized drawings to admirers who watch from below, and in the most charming manner, rolled them down with the scaffolding cords into their hands. “I felt like I was a sailor sending a message in a bottle. I love the interaction with people. Normally when I do live art I am closer to the people, but the scaffolding makes it difficult so I thought this was the best way to reach them.”

I could go on and on about the great vibe but because I am your friend, I will leave the rest for you to discover. See you soon :)

June 7 - Video You Should Have Been There

June 7 - Celebrity Sighting

Robin Kay of the Fashion Design Council of Canada was seen at the Oasis getting touch ups from the L'Oréal hair and make-up team.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 6 - I Feel Like a Woman

With the cold, wind and rain behind us, mother natures once again invites Carlito back out to play. Without hesitation, the artist had a plan of execution that involved a major change to the painting. Up until this point, he has complemented the images and hidden messages with a background of burnt orange. Beginning at the top left corner, that background has transformed into a beautiful turquoise backdrop.

Today's focus was on defining meticulous details including, the emphasis on seashell headpieces and the images of women in brilliant metallic. “Seashells are perfection and sensuality, like going back to the origin. I think the woman is a strong expression of beauty here on earth and when you blend the two together it is very special.”

An interesting fact about Carlito is that you truly get a sense of the respect he has for women. I too love to see women held in high regard because we are beautiful and strong. The unique energy and love that we embody is contagious from sea to sea. The offering to women that this artist contributes seems simple because, we are worth it!

June 6 - Video I Feel Like a Woman

June 5 - Video The Heart of the Matter

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 5 - The Heart Of the Matter

Today is a cold and windy day. One would imagine that even the most disciplined artist might find it difficult to get out of bed to climb up onto a scaffolding.

"The weather has forced us to take some distance from the piece today. It is too windy to climb so high and it is freezing cold. I will use this time to reflect and work on some drawings to prepare for tommorow. It's hard to not get up there though."

The change of plans opened the door of oppurtunity to hang out with Carltio. In the lobby of the Germain Hotel, we flipped through art books and he shared some of the artists that have influenced him.

A lot of people have found a similarity between Carlito's work and the great painter Wassily Kindinsky. "I think people need references because art is so abstract. I'm not consciously influenced by Kindinsky but I've seen so many paintings from him that maybe it is an unconscious influence."

Other great artists that he holds in high regard are, Jean-Micheal Basquiat, and of course, Picasso. "He has so much to offer to my world."

The natural reation I had listening to him was that he too has so much to offer to our world. He is willing to give himself wholeheartedly, and offers his gifts for all to enjoy. The man is as cool as the artist and that's a refreshing reality.

June 5 - Messages to Carlito

"The painting is so big, I can hardly believe it. I've never seen anything like it. It seems surreal."
-Natacha (Detroit)

"As a woman, it makes me feel beautiful."

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 4 - The "X" Factor

Everyday a new layer of Carlito's vision is added onto the canvas and as so, a new thought is invoked in the viewer. Conversations are being sparked on the Oasis terrace and all around. People are talking.

Once you get passed the "wow" factor, you quickly turn to the "how" factor. How does this artist work on this immense scale with such precision? The technical side is as impressive as the artistic side and Carlito's style is not a conventional one. As most artists would use a grid and paint in each one individually, and draw an outline beforehand, Carlito uses an unimprovised freehand approach. On the first day, Carlito painted an “X” across the canvas which was thought of at that very moment. Since then, this has been his point of center. In addition to this, one must remember that the scaffolding gives very little room to maneuver. “Not being able to step back and see what I’ve added because of the conditions is probably one of the most difficult things for me so I use my sense of intuition a lot to guide me.”

This is more than another artist painting a mural. This is the upgrade to the everyday. If this event would not impress upon one and inspire new thoughts and ideas of pushing oneself beyond the limits, then Carlito would not be suspended fifty feet from the ground on a temperamental stage.

Are we thinking outside of the box yet? Come and check out the magnificence of this event...It's for your own good!

June 4 - Video The "X" Factor

June 4 - Messages to Carlito

"Wow, it really brightens up this whole area, it's amazing!"

"The first time I saw it, it was the colour gold that caught my attention and then I noticed that there are words hidden in the painting. It makes me think about the meaning of each word: Life, truth, butterfly, timeless, beauty. It's really thought provoking and I can't wait to see the final product."

"It looks like an hourglass and timeless in beauty."
-Joe (Ottawa)

"When I grow up I hope I can be that good too."
-Natalie (8years old)

Monday, June 4, 2007

June 3 - Celebrity Sightings

Donald Sutherland was seen on the opening night of Vida at the Royale Alexandra Theatre.

June 3 - Here Comes the Rain Again...

On day three of Carlito's painting, nature is taking its course. The clouds in the sky are moving in. I ask the artist if the weather will affect his work. "I will use the elements as a positive force and allow it to become part of the art."
I asked him what his inspiration was today. "It came to me in a dream last night - this morning is all about the kyte woman (Dalceggio uses the “y” in place of the “i”). The women are becoming kytes because there is elevation, like a big manifestation of love somewhere."

Drawing inspiration from the L'Oréal Paris summer collection of sultry earth tones and pink hues, Carlito has incorporated similar shades onto his canvas. "I'm still open to new colours but I see more metallic tones, such as pearl. As well, we are going to get into sun set pinks.”

As the clouds approach and thicken from above, the rain begins to take over the city and the day falls dark. Even the most committed artist knows when he must surrender to the mother of all mothers. As Carlito gracefully bows out for the day, the storm sets in and we set off.

June 3 - Video Here Comes the Rain Again...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

June 3 - Messages to Carlito

Don't let the rain deter you. We'll be watching from afar and dream of the final fruit of your imagination. By the way, some waters are a deep shade of blue.
-Sam & Fm

This piece is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors and you capture beauty
magnificantly. I would love to see more of your work and the colors that you bring to
life. Life is not life without colors representing it.
-Donna Matter (Calgary, AB)

I believe that this is a wonderful event. I don't live in Toronto, but visit quite often. I will be sure to stop by and reflect on the painting. I see beauty and freedom every day in butterflies. They are exquisite creatures and all very different at the same time. Very much like ourselves. Thanks for the opportunity to send my remarks and words of encouragement.
-Gale (Trenton, ON)

June 2 - Opposites Attract

It was a day of sunshine for the first official weekend of the festival, and the mood in the air was relaxed and joyful. On the terrace of the Oasis, the L'Oréal Paris make-up artists continue to work their magic creating beautiful faces and hair for clients and of course, the lovely L'Oréal hostesses.

The colours and spirit of the canvas have already begun to surface and as onlookers stop in intrigue to witness the vivid details thus far, the overall comments of the public are encouraging and appreciative. For Carlito, he is finding the inspiration of the people and the natural elements totally engaging and as a result, is transfering this energy onto the canvas. "This painting is very inspired by the total eclipse of the moon because I think that beauty is the gathering of opposites like Yin/Yang and when they meet at one point to become one. My canvas is right now very representative of the sun and the moon."

As the light of dusk took place and reflected against the yellow and gold hues of the canvas, a magnificent glow came about and it seemed as if the sun itself was actually taking its own place to be a part of Carlito's art.

June 2 - Words to Live By

"Being devoted to what you love is the only way to be free."
-Carlito Dalceggio

June 2 - Messages to Carlito

"I think it is fantastic to do art on this scale - it's high time!"

"Keep going and do the whole city!"

-From Michael and Amanda (onlookers at the site)

June 2 - Video Opposites Attract

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