Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Post-Event - Messages to Carlito

You guys better come back! I can't wait to see another masterpiece.
-Crystle Eguita

Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 10 (Final Day) - The Secret Silk Society

Psst, I have a secret...

Carlito Dalceggio is a member of an elite group of visionaries. The secret I am about to tell you is one that the artist holds dear to his heart. You have seen it throughout the footage on this weblog, noticed it on his clothing and wondered, what is the The Secret Silk Society? Today, you too are invited to discover the secret and an enlightened world.

The Secret Silk Society is an invitation for anyone who refuses to live in the first level of reality. People who understand that there is a second level of reality can discover a more emotional and compassionate one, a world that you cannot see with your eyes but you can feel. A spiritual world that does not exist in the physical, yet exists as a society for those who will to discover something new."

Today will be a bittersweet day. We begin the mental process of bringing this glorious journey to an end. The end to the phyiscal world, but one that will remain in our most authentic selves for a long time to come.

Carlito in his ocean of colours, added the final touches of the most beautiful accents of gold leaf and shimmer. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it did! This is no surprise that he had more tricks up his sleeve - a true artist always does!

On this final day of a one-of-a-kind experience into the heart of a magnificent artist and human being, we will celebrate the person who guided us through a journey that will forever live on. Through these days of inspiration, his true purpose was not just about demonstrating colors on a canvas, but really to show us what the true meaning of happiness is. This no longer needs to be a secret...now that is something to toast to!

June 10 - Messages to Carlito

I'm sad I couldn't make it out for the final day. I came out on the first day to show some support and to see what inspiring works were to be created and I have seen with my own eyes the process that the canvas has undergone when I came back on Day 9. My friend Crystle and I spent roughly 8 hours in that parking lot during those 2 days we were there.

Although I couldn't make it out everyday to see this masterpiece unfold I did keep updated with this awesome blog.

Being able to see all the hardwork put into the painting to get to where it is now has motivated me to work harder and create my own masterpieces through my medium (photography)

I hope that Carlito and friends had a fun time here in Toronto and I hope all of you come back next year - you will have 2 supporters waiting
-Rosanna U

June 9 - A Million Thanks

Today is a great day of celebration and appreciation. These past days have been an unforgettable experience to share with all of you, and we hope that you have enjoyed it every step of the way.
We leave you with the comments recieved from everyone who took the time to reflect and participate along with us. On behalf of L'Oréal Paris, Luminato, myself and everyone else who gave their time and energy, we won't soon forget you and hope you remember us too...

"In my country, we have our own ideas of beauty but looking at this I realize that art transends all cultures."
-Rose (Saudi Arabia)

"I think it's really cool, I never say anything like this."

"I think he is amazing and so talented, thank you for sharing this with us."

"It's romantic and inspiring."

"It's glorious and I think he should do more all around the world."

"I think it's simple and complex at the same time. I love the colours and the transformation has been fantastic."

"We love you hermano....watching you inspire the world and paint mystic revelations....the weather is a response to your force and powers....who else can supercharge the universe with electric light and make angels weep tears of happiness?... as they dance around you and your brushes singing praise and glory.
Inspire a revolution."
-J & S de Lost Art

"Beauty, creativity and inspiration is not only about what we feel but what we do with our lives to create this for our world. For the last ten days Carlito, you have shown us what one person can do to invoke all of these and more within us and all that is around us. Thank you for a wonderful experience and a beautiful journey. Keep spreading the love."
-Judy (Montreal)

Carlito, you have confirmed my greatest suspicion, that beauty is a private victory. Once you are beautiful within yourself you are free to share beauty with others. This experience has be uplifting and emotional, one full of wonderful gifts that I've already applied to my everyday. You have left your print on my spirit and it is very welcome. Thank you for being authentic to yourself and sharing it with us, you are very special, go to your destiny and enjoy the ride!
-Nicole Jones (Montreal)

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