Thursday, May 24, 2007

About the Blogger - Nicole Jones

Peace and love to all, hey everyone what’s up? I thought this would be a great time to introduce myself. My name is Nicole Jones and as reporter and part of the CINCO Communications , I am pleased to be involved in this amazing festival supporting creativity, arts and beauty. Thank you for having me.

I guess I’ll begin with what I think are the most fabulous facts about myself. First, I am proud to be a woman, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a godmother, a mentor and a best friend.
Love is beautiful to me and I love the feeling of being in love. I love to smile and love, love, love to laugh out loud!

I’ve spent the past decade of my life to living the life I want to live, one that is authentic, fulfilling and aligned with the universe; my greatest ally OR my other best friend.

Back home in Montreal, I host Passion for Fashion and co-host Food and Fashion, two shows on entertainment and lifestyle for CTV. Both mediums are equally rewarding and allow me to bring edgy and stylish television to our viewers.

I continue to study the craft of acting and have been blessed to work on feature films, television series and commercials. As an added bonus I am an accomplished model.

This event has the potential to be a career high for me due to the nature of its content. An event of creativity, arts and beauty gives us all the opportunity to rise up and explore and go beyond our own horizons. I think that anything geared towards simulating our senses and heightening our awareness are positive things and the world needs as much positive as we can give it.

As the days unfold, please check in with me to share your thoughts and allow me to be your eyes, ears and friend as we take this journey together...and now, on with the event and happy blogging.

The L'Oréal Paris Letter of the Day

L’Oréal Paris is excited to join forces with artist Carlito Dalceggio to bring you a spectacular live artistic event in the heart of downtown Toronto throughout the 10-day Luminato Festival.

Each evening from June 1 to 10, Carlito will apply his artistic vision to a massive outdoor 51' x 34' canvas mounted on the wall of Hôtel Le Germain, painting from his inspirations of the moment, the festival, L’Oréal Paris’s passion for beauty and… you.

Share your thoughts on beauty, and send any visual, textual or video elements that inspire you, motivate you or move you. See what others have to say, and watch as this community encourages and inspires Carlito each evening. Also see daily updates of the canvas’s transformation, and read Carlito’s comments on his progress and experience.

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