Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 6 - I Feel Like a Woman

With the cold, wind and rain behind us, mother natures once again invites Carlito back out to play. Without hesitation, the artist had a plan of execution that involved a major change to the painting. Up until this point, he has complemented the images and hidden messages with a background of burnt orange. Beginning at the top left corner, that background has transformed into a beautiful turquoise backdrop.

Today's focus was on defining meticulous details including, the emphasis on seashell headpieces and the images of women in brilliant metallic. “Seashells are perfection and sensuality, like going back to the origin. I think the woman is a strong expression of beauty here on earth and when you blend the two together it is very special.”

An interesting fact about Carlito is that you truly get a sense of the respect he has for women. I too love to see women held in high regard because we are beautiful and strong. The unique energy and love that we embody is contagious from sea to sea. The offering to women that this artist contributes seems simple because, we are worth it!

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