Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 4 - The "X" Factor

Everyday a new layer of Carlito's vision is added onto the canvas and as so, a new thought is invoked in the viewer. Conversations are being sparked on the Oasis terrace and all around. People are talking.

Once you get passed the "wow" factor, you quickly turn to the "how" factor. How does this artist work on this immense scale with such precision? The technical side is as impressive as the artistic side and Carlito's style is not a conventional one. As most artists would use a grid and paint in each one individually, and draw an outline beforehand, Carlito uses an unimprovised freehand approach. On the first day, Carlito painted an “X” across the canvas which was thought of at that very moment. Since then, this has been his point of center. In addition to this, one must remember that the scaffolding gives very little room to maneuver. “Not being able to step back and see what I’ve added because of the conditions is probably one of the most difficult things for me so I use my sense of intuition a lot to guide me.”

This is more than another artist painting a mural. This is the upgrade to the everyday. If this event would not impress upon one and inspire new thoughts and ideas of pushing oneself beyond the limits, then Carlito would not be suspended fifty feet from the ground on a temperamental stage.

Are we thinking outside of the box yet? Come and check out the magnificence of this event...It's for your own good!

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