Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 5 - The Heart Of the Matter

Today is a cold and windy day. One would imagine that even the most disciplined artist might find it difficult to get out of bed to climb up onto a scaffolding.

"The weather has forced us to take some distance from the piece today. It is too windy to climb so high and it is freezing cold. I will use this time to reflect and work on some drawings to prepare for tommorow. It's hard to not get up there though."

The change of plans opened the door of oppurtunity to hang out with Carltio. In the lobby of the Germain Hotel, we flipped through art books and he shared some of the artists that have influenced him.

A lot of people have found a similarity between Carlito's work and the great painter Wassily Kindinsky. "I think people need references because art is so abstract. I'm not consciously influenced by Kindinsky but I've seen so many paintings from him that maybe it is an unconscious influence."

Other great artists that he holds in high regard are, Jean-Micheal Basquiat, and of course, Picasso. "He has so much to offer to my world."

The natural reation I had listening to him was that he too has so much to offer to our world. He is willing to give himself wholeheartedly, and offers his gifts for all to enjoy. The man is as cool as the artist and that's a refreshing reality.

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