Monday, June 4, 2007

June 3 - Here Comes the Rain Again...

On day three of Carlito's painting, nature is taking its course. The clouds in the sky are moving in. I ask the artist if the weather will affect his work. "I will use the elements as a positive force and allow it to become part of the art."
I asked him what his inspiration was today. "It came to me in a dream last night - this morning is all about the kyte woman (Dalceggio uses the “y” in place of the “i”). The women are becoming kytes because there is elevation, like a big manifestation of love somewhere."

Drawing inspiration from the L'Oréal Paris summer collection of sultry earth tones and pink hues, Carlito has incorporated similar shades onto his canvas. "I'm still open to new colours but I see more metallic tones, such as pearl. As well, we are going to get into sun set pinks.”

As the clouds approach and thicken from above, the rain begins to take over the city and the day falls dark. Even the most committed artist knows when he must surrender to the mother of all mothers. As Carlito gracefully bows out for the day, the storm sets in and we set off.

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