Sunday, June 3, 2007

June 2 - Opposites Attract

It was a day of sunshine for the first official weekend of the festival, and the mood in the air was relaxed and joyful. On the terrace of the Oasis, the L'Oréal Paris make-up artists continue to work their magic creating beautiful faces and hair for clients and of course, the lovely L'Oréal hostesses.

The colours and spirit of the canvas have already begun to surface and as onlookers stop in intrigue to witness the vivid details thus far, the overall comments of the public are encouraging and appreciative. For Carlito, he is finding the inspiration of the people and the natural elements totally engaging and as a result, is transfering this energy onto the canvas. "This painting is very inspired by the total eclipse of the moon because I think that beauty is the gathering of opposites like Yin/Yang and when they meet at one point to become one. My canvas is right now very representative of the sun and the moon."

As the light of dusk took place and reflected against the yellow and gold hues of the canvas, a magnificent glow came about and it seemed as if the sun itself was actually taking its own place to be a part of Carlito's art.

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Sam said...

Don't let the rain deter you. We'll be watching from afar and dream of the final fruit of your imagination. By the way, some waters are a deep shade of blue
Sam & Fm

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