Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30 - Art Imitating Life

For Carlito Dalceggio, his approach to art embodies a two-fold premise. “Art is the fusion of intuition and science – intuition is alive but has no depth, science is flat and has no soul.” The first stage of painting for the artist is seen as the scientific part, in other words, the physical tools needed to create such as, a canvas, brush and paints. The moment the brush makes contact, intuition takes over and for Carlito, the wonder of painting is the opportunity it creates to reach another level, and not just for him but for his viewers. “My art is not linear invoking different perceptions depending on who is looking.”

In life, Carlito’s experiences have brought him to realize that it is important to set limits in order to develop a stronger focus. I don’t doubt that this approach works since his reputation precedes him as a very accomplished artist. With that said, he still thinks that life is about taking risks and pushing oneself past limits to the infinite ends of discovery. For ten days from June 1st to the 10th, Carlito will once again push those limits at the Luminato Festival, and as he puts it, “I take all my wisdom and layers of experience and the weight of it all, and at the moment of painting, I abandon it and take off into a journey of heightened stimulation.”

Carlito, we wait in anticipation to take this ride with you.

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