Monday, May 28, 2007

May 29 - My Vision of Her is My (HE)Art

One of the most memorable episodes on Sex and the City was when Charlotte met a famous artist who asked her to pose for him (The Power of Female Sex, Season One, Episode 5). A conversation at the coffee shop leads to a very reluctant Charlotte when she is exposed on not knowing her own anatomy. Samantha suggests that before lunch arrives, she should head straight to the washroom immediately to “get to know herself” and even offers a Chanel compact as an aid. At the end of the episode, a proud and confident Charlotte invites her friends to the “buzz” art exhibit of the moment, where she happens to be one of the subjects!

What is it about the feminine spirit that has made her so adorned by numerous artists of our time? Photographers like Helmut Newton and Annie Leibowitz paid tribute to women time and time again in their many works, nude and clothed. Carlito Dalceggio is vastly influenced by the perfect brushstrokes of Pablo Picasso (and so often of women), as well as the tell-all erotism of writer/actress Emmanuelle Arsan. Dalceggio claims “the beauty of the woman is my infinite muse.”

Sensuality is one of the greatest powers of a woman, and this by no means comes in one form. Her internal strengths, her vulnerabilities, her drive, her love, her beauty...with all this and more, when a woman arrives, she takes presence as only she knows how and it is because she is a woman.

The next time you see a woman, regardless of who she is and how she looks, take a real good look at her. If you are lucky enough to catch even a small glimpse of her soul, then you will see and feel her sensuality. All women have it.

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